Block Hash

This Bash script is designed to compare the hash of a specific block from the Heimdall blockchain on your local instance with the hash of the same block obtained from an external API.


latest_block_height=$(curl -s localhost:26657/status | jq -r '.result.sync_info.latest_block_height')

hash_value_local=$(curl -s "localhost:26657/block?height=$latest_block_height" | jq -r '.result.block_meta.block_id.hash')

hash_value_api=$(curl -s "$latest_block_height" | jq -r '.block_meta.block_id.hash')

echo "Hash of the block (Local): $hash_value_local"
echo "Hash of the block (API): $hash_value_api"

# Comparing the hash values
if [ "$hash_value_local" = "$hash_value_api" ]; then
    echo "The hashes are equal."
    echo "The hashes are different."

Requests Installation:

Run the script in an environment with curl and jq installed.

sudo apt-get install jq 

Script Execution:

Make the script executable using chmod +x

Run the Script:

In the terminal or command prompt, navigate to the directory where the script is located. Execute the script using the following command:


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